Food Storage is Half The Solution

long-term food storage

Food storage for the long term takes thinking about.

The other half is assuring that the food you stored is actually edible (even appealing) when you need to use it. Preparedness means more than simple stockpiling.

Virtually everyone should have a stock of emergency food supplies. Even a food storage stock¬†of a few canned goods and a jug of water will hold you and your family over for a night or two. Let’s face it, you’ll never know when you need them for any reason. Whether you are hit by a tornado, flooding, or any natural or man-made disaster, you’ll be glad that you had a stock of emergency food stored. [Read more…]

3 Myths About Gun Accessories and Cleaning Kits

gun accessories for accuracy

What accessories improve your shooting?

Everyone wants to be the most accurate and consistent shooter they can be. We all know practice makes perfect. Beyond that, most people believe it takes fancy equipment to get bulls eyes consistently. Let’s take a look at three myths about gun accessories¬†and then see the simple, common sense truth that can help you sharpen your marksmanship skills. [Read more…]